Magyar Telekom, as a company playing a leading role in the area of sustainability, considers it especially important that its suppliers perform at the highest possible level in the same context. The most important requirements and recommendations we have defined for our suppliers are summarized below. Additional more specific requirements are set forth by the General Terms and Conditions for Procurement and the actual contracts concluded.

Sustainability requirements to be met by suppliers:

  • They are to guarantee the truthfulness and validity of their statements made in course of the preliminary qualification process preceding the conclusion of their contracts. They are to undertake, without any additional fees or costs charged, that they shall cooperate with Magyar Telekom in enabling MT to conduct audits relevant to its sustainability requirements aimed at the specific Partner and its subcontractors. The Parties consider the success of their joint sustainability efforts important and proactively cooperate at their own costs to achieve it, as well as commit to mutually inform each other if they detect any non-compliance in that regard, and to take the necessary measures at the specific party's own cost to eliminate such non-compliance.
  • They are to accept and mandatorily observe the following:
  • Their products/services are to comply with the relevant (EU and Hungarian) environmental protection laws, especially as it regards the energy-consuming equipment, electronic devices and batteries manufactured, as well as the components and packaging of their products.
  • They are not to use materials prohibited, and are to monitor and observe the relevant REACH requirements. They are to avoid the use of materials on the black/grey lists!
  • They are to be in possession of effective environmental protection permits relevant to their services, and inform their contact persons about any changes thereof.
  • They are to use properly maintained equipment and not to cause any pollution in course of providing their services. They are to manage waste generated as stipulated. When carrying out work at our premises, they are to inform their contact persons immediately about any environmental issues.

Magyar Telekom's sustainability recommendations to suppliers:

  • They should join international or industry-specific initiatives, promote sustainability-related principles, rules or framework systems by signing or concluding the relevant public statements or agreements.
  • They should have an appointed individual responsible for sustainability.
  • They should have formal environmental policies/principles, certified environmental control systems in place.
  • They should publish sustainability reports, in which they regularly report on the status of their sustainability efforts.
  • They should take steps aimed at responsible/sustainable procurement. They should strive to manufacture and procure products with more favorable environmental features or possibly patented/certified accordingly.
  • They should adopt measures aimed at decreasing energy consumption and emission of gases causing greenhouse effect.
  • They should introduce fair labor practices and human rights policies/principles.
  • They should take steps aimed at safeguarding the health and safety of their employees.
  • They should take steps to respect intellectual property rights and to protect the privacy of personal data.

You can read more about Magyar Telekom's sustainability activities by clicking on the Sustainability menu item on the company's website.

Your opinion is important for us. We are looking forward to receive your comments, which you can send to the Vendor Idea Box or to the sustainability@telekom.hu address.