Dear Vendor

It is a definite aim of Magyar Telekom to work together only with vendors who contribute to the implementation of Magyar Telekom's goals by their affirmative intentions for cooperation, providing quality products and services, accurate observance of deadlines.

All these are necessary for us to satisfy the requirements of our customers at an even higher level, since the quality of our vendors' products and work greatly influences Magyar Telekom's performance and customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve our aims we need to know even more accurately the sphere of our partners which can form a basis for our long-term cooperation.

The potential co-operation realizes together with other processes in the frame of  Vendor Qualification System managed and controlled by Procurement Directorate. The information below is the first step of our partnership whose aim is to survey and qualify all existing and potential vendors in order to effectively realize the above described points.



Vendors who accomplished controlled registration are offered either to be recorded in the vendor qualification system, or to update their data in case of vendors who are already registered in the system. Accurate data and answers entered in the statement and in the questionnaires are very important as these data are considered as official (approved by company) because of safe IT channel, on the other hand this information serves as the basis of vendor pre-qualification indicators establishment. The pre-qualified vendors are requested to fill out a new pre-qualification data sheet every year, 31st May in order to always obtain updated data in the qualification system. Naturally the data provided within the year are also modifiable.

What are the advantages in pre-qualification process?

  • recorded as a registered pre-qualified / qualified Magyar Telekom vendor, which ensures Vendor?s procurement "recognition",
  • vendor pre-qualification is compulsory in tender application, which is thus accomplished earlier and more comfortably,
  • quantity of documentation to be provided for tenders is reduced, as under "Other information" it is allowed to provide most of the documents required during tenders electronically.

The registered vendors are informed on his own results as well as categories in qualification system. Current qualification results are displayed monthly on Internet under point "Qualification Results" which are also considered as valid up to the next period. Qualification results are printable from the system.

If this brief advise called your attention, please fill out the questionnaire under point "Pre-qualification" (this point is available only for registered vendors).



Mr. Nándor Cseh

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