Information to our present and new vendors

Vendors are welcome to use our high security registration page offering all the functions of the vendor portal. Registered vendors may access and use the following features:

  • ongoing qualifications (vendors may submit or modify data for us at any time
    as the vendor qualification/pre- and post-qualification is fully electronic)

  • contact details of our Strategic Buyers as well as the related products
    and service groups

  • information on the electronic, on-line tool called OneSource used for managing offers during tenders

  • further useful information on the procurement procedures


Newsletter service supplemented by search engine is available for our registered visitors.

Strategic buyers

Regarding purchasing procedures and information please contact directly our:

International Sourcing Center

Magyar Telekom provides strategic sourcing and category management services in particular categories to the whole Deutsche Telekom Group.



Electronic Public Road Trade Control System

Supplier is obliged to provide data for Magyar Telekom to comply with the law regarding EKAER (Electronic Public Road Trade Control System) number reporting requirement to the National Tax and Customs Administration. Please fill out the EKAER Form and return it in e-mail to ekaer@telekom.hu before dispatching the shipment.



Procurement and Logistics Hub

HU 1097 Budapest,
Könyves Kálmán krt. 36.

Letter address:
HU 1541 Budapest

Telephone: +36 1 371 3518

E-mail: Contact us!!

Magyar Telekom BI Depository Centre

HU 1239 Budapest BILK,
Európa St. 6. sz. C1 BI Depository Centre

Fax:+36 1 287 3804

E-mail: Contact us!

Receipt and output handling of goods
Friday: 07:00-12:00

BI Depository Centre